European Competition for project design to regenerate the Piacentiniano Centre in Bergamo. 1 st. phase.

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Launched by the City of Bergamo, the Competition will transform and redefine the Piacentiniano Centre and its uses through the overhaul of open areas, squares and public spaces. It asks for proposals that will strengthen and renovate its role as the identity generator of the city centre, improve its livability and re-use the discarded public and private buildings.”

Type / Tipo : Project competition / Concurso de ideas

Competition notice date / Fecha de publicación : 05.05.2017

Submision date / Fecha de entrega : 05.07.2017

Language / Idioma : the official language of the Competition is Italian / la lengua oficial del concurso es el italiano

Location / Localización : Bérgamo, Italy.

Competition organiser / Organizador del concurso : Comune di Bergamo.

First phase prizes / Premios primera fase :

5 proposals selected for the second phase / 5 propuestas elegidas para pasar a una segunda fase.

1 First: 30.000 €
4 Runners up: 15.000 €

Eligibility requirements / Requisitos de participación:

Hold a Degree in Engineering or Architecture or in a technical subject pertinent to the main activity,subject of the notice of competition. Should the individual be a citizen of another state of the European Union, he/she must be qualified to practise
the profession according to the regulations of his/her country of origin.
Poseer titulación de ingeniería o arquitectura. En caso de tratarse de un individuo de otro pais de la Unión Europea, debe estar cualificado para ejercer su profesión de acuerdo con las regulaciones de su país.

Criteria / Criterios :

A. Architectural and urban quality of the designed spaces (up to 40 points) / Calidad arquitectónica y urbana de los espacios diseñados.
B. Compliance with the instructions in the Guidelines (up to 25 points) / Cumplimiento de las instrucciones de los pliegos.
C. Technical, economic, social and market sustainability of the proposal (up to 15 points) / Sostenibilidad técnica, económica, social y de mercado.
D. Interventions costs and maintenance costs (up to 15 points) / Coste de la intervención y del mantenimiento.
E. Compliance with existing restraints and legislation in force (up to 5 points) / Cumplimiento de la legislación.

Jury / Jurado :

1 Expert in town planning identified by the Municipal Administration / 1 Experto en planificación urbana designado por la administración municipal.
1 Expert drawn from a shortlist proposed by the Order of Architects, with experience in
landscape architecture and public space design / 1 Experto elegido de una preselección del Colegio de Arquitectos.
1 Expert drawn from a shortlist proposed by the Order of Engineers / 1 Experto elegido de la preselección realizada por el Colegio de Ingenieros.
1 Manager of the Organising Body, identified according to criteria of proven experience,
professionalism and specific competency in the topics subject of the Competition / Miembro de la organización del concurso con experiencia comprobada en los temas del concurso.
1 Expert in urban economics and/or sociology, drawn from a shortlist proposed by the DUC (Urban District of Commerce) / Especialista en economía urbana y/o sociología designado por el DUC (Distrito Urbano de Comercio).

Registration fee / Cuota de inscripción :

Documents / Documentos del concurso

Competition notice (eng)

Competition guidelines (ita)

Source of competitions / Fuente Original

Press / Enlaces prensa: 1

Results / Resultados:





This is a non official information resume. For legal text see official documentation.

Esta es una recopilación de información no oficial. Para acceder al texto legal consultar a las fuentes originales del concurso.


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